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GardaWorld an Excellent Example of Commitment to Gender Equality


How is it like for women to work in security industry? How are private security service providers promoting gender equality in this industry.

GardaWorld a leading private security services provider has set the the pace in Rwanda. With 16% of its security officers being women in a male dominated industry. GardaWorld is committed to growing this number further by deliberately ensuring that measures that attract and retain women in the industry are promoted.

GardaWorld believes that women have their place in the company, and it thus ensures that they do take that place.

Many women have shied away from this industry which has been perceived traditionally as a man’s industry.

To change the mindset deliberate efforts are required to ensure that women understand that they have the ability to even outperform men.

Organisations have to put in place measures that ensure that gender equality is promoted.

GardaWorld has put in place a committee that ensures that issues that hinder women from joining the the industry are addressed right from recruitment to deployment.

There are direct and indirect benefits that comes with diversifying the workforce genderwise. These benefits translate to more productivity and returns to businesses and organisations.

GardaWorld endevours in having women as part of delivering its tailor-made solutions in Security, Facilities Management, Electronic security, Fleet Management and Security Consultancy.

About GardaWorld

GardaWorld is a global champion in security services, integrated risk management and cash solutions, employing more than 120,000 highly skilled and dedicated professionals. Driven by a relentless entrepreneurial culture and core values of integrity, vigilance, trust and respect, we offer sophisticated and tailored security and technology solutions through high-touch partnerships and consistently superior service delivery. With a deep understanding that security is critical to conducting business and keeping communities safe, GardaWorld is committed to impeccable governance, professional care and the well-being of everyone. Thanks to a well-earned reputation, we are proud to be the long-standing security partner of choice to some of the most prominent brands, Fortune 500 corporations and governments.   For more information, visit https://www.garda.com/



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